Are you a passionate, food loving individual who loves bringing people together?

Perhaps you are an organisation set the task of championing local food?

  • We can give you the tools to make running a LOCAL Food Hub easy with our automated platform

  • After a few weeks of sourcing a great venue and signing up amazing LOCAL producers you then build awareness of your Hub and generate excitement in the LOCAL community before launching your first online market

  • Week after week you will select products to list, launch and promote your market and Host the weekly collection

  • You'll become a key part of the community and the person Producers and Custmers turn to for information or just a chat

  • You can grow your Food Hub to as big as you can dream, always earning a 10% commission on ALL sales each week

  • There is fast payment direct to your bank account

  • You need to be a self-starter, a bit of an entrepreneur, with good organisation skills and a grasp of social media

  • We will give you 24/7 support, a full media pack and marketing materials

As a host you agree to:

  • Organise weekly online markets using the tools within the platform.

  • Register with and connect my Host account to Stripe our payment provider.

  • Source producers with produce which fits our model of transparency, quality and wherever possible is local whilst avoiding any conflicts of interest between producers.

  • Organise the local collection at the same time each week at a great, indoor venue and warmly welcome and help customers.

  • Recruit customers, promote your Food Hub and grow it to a sustainable level so that the primary producers have a worthwhile outlet and you are rewarded to a level commensurate with the amount of work involved.

  • Be open, helpful and supportive with other hosts and producers and collaborate where possible.

  • Only retain personal data of Members and Producers for matters related to The Great British Food Hub, and never share their data.

  • Do not pressurise Producers to deliver if their orders are exceptionally low, rather look for solutions where they can still fulfil their orders.

  • Remember that The Great British Food Hub is run by the hosts and your suggestions and feedback will always be welcome.

A 10% commission is paid to the Host on all confirmed sales each week. Producers receive 80% of their sales and The Great British Food Hub receives 10% which covers all payment provider charges, administration, insurance, advertising, marketing materials website support and development of the platform and the apps. 

To start the process of setting up a Food Hub in your LOCAL area, first register or login using the form below then go to Host on the menu bar and complete the straight forward form. We'll then be in touch to find out more about your ideas and discuss in detail the role of the Host and how we can support you to launch your markets!

We look forward to having you on board!

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