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Argyll's Secret Roast

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Our seasonal roast from the west coast! Inspired by our location on Argyll’s Secret Coast, this seasonal roast follows the coffee calendar from northern to southern hemisphere, delivering a carefully crafted blend of single origin beans. This blend is designed for filter or cafetiere treatment and is roasted for sweetness and acidity. If you’re looking for beans for an espresso machine or stove top, try ‘The Clyde Steamer’ espresso blend which has a slightly darker roast profile. Argyll Secret Roast currently contains: Peru Las Naranjas Organic (50%) From Las Naranjas in the mountainous Cajamarca region of northern Peru, this organic coffee is sweet, silky and full of complex flavours. It’s grown at altitudes up to 1,900 metres at two neighbouring farms, El Bosque and El Nispero. Full washed. Red Caturra, Typica and Bourbon. Tanzanian Lunji Estate AA (50%) From the Mbeya region in the south west of Tanzania, this single-estate coffee is sweet and juicy with a delicious acidity. The Lunji Estate sits at the foot of the Mbeya mountain range. Grown at altitudes of 1,600 metres, the coffee is packed with fruity flavours with notes of blackcurrant, vanilla and cherry.

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A delicious blend of seasonal speciality coffee beans designed for filter & cafetiere.

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