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Argyll's Secret Roast

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Inspired by our location on Argyll’s Secret Coast, this seasonal roast follows the coffee calendar from northern to southern hemisphere, delivering a carefully crafted blend of single origin beans. This blend is designed for filter or cafetiere treatment, with a lighter roast profile that lets the natural flavours shine through. Argyll Secret Roast currently contains: Brazilian Progresso (70%) This fabulous coffee provides a bright acidity with strong chocolate notes The coffee is grown on Fazenda Progresso. This coffee is characterised by its sweetness. It’s processed using the natural method, where the coffee is dried in the full cherry prior to de-pulping, providing intense brown sugar flavours. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (30%) This coffee delivers a distinctively fruity flavour and a bright floral aroma with citrusy notes. This coffee was grown by smallholder farmers living around the town of Adado in Gedeo County in the Yirgacheffe region. It is processed using the washed (wet) method. Wet processing results in higher acidity, which provides the super clean, crisp cup.

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A delicious blend of speciality coffee beans designed for filter & cafetiere.

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