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Premium Tangy Roasted Curry Blend

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Traditionally seafood has always had its own blend of spices to ensure it complements the seafood. Our blend has a tangy note through a unique selection of spices and other natural ingredients. Unlike many other commercial blends, ours are free from artificial colours and flavourings and do not have a high content of salt and turmeric. The flavour and aroma is delivered through a careful selection, combination and balancing of premium spices, which is further intensified through the roasting process in order to enhance and intensify the natural properties of the ingredients and customer enjoyment. 90g Per Pouch Free from artificial colourings, flavourings and low in salt Suitable for Vegetarian and Vegans Servings 6-10

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Premium Roasted Seafood Specialty Curry Blend. Rich, deep and intense aromatic curry blend Free from Artificial coloring's and flavourings

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