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Mutton Gigot Chops - DISCOUNTED

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Gigot chops are lovely big chunky slices of yummy Jacob meat with a wee chunk of marrow bone to add to the depth of flavour. These are sublime when slow cooked with Moroccan tagine flavours, or a tomato courgette onion mix, what will be your favourite? This Jacob Mutton is Frozen, and is from our lovely sheep that were just over the 2 years, so its deliciously well flavoured but still young meat. We have a good variety of cuts, in accessible size packs, that were frozen as they came back from Mull. Our Jacobs have been part of Kintaline for over 25 years, and are very special to us. The girls lamb indoors, and they love our old byre to be safe and secure in, very happy to trot in and out so they get the best of any good Spring weather but safely out of the wet, cold and wind. When the lambs are up and ready for the big outdoors they go on to fresh paddocks, which have recently had lots of hedgerow planted beside them to increase the future diversity of the Living Larder for them, and for us.

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Mutton Gigot chops

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